Explore a new modern watercolor style!

  • Have you ever heard that "watercolor is too complicated for beginners" and never gave it a try?
  • Have you dreamed of painting stunning botanical illustrations without a fear of not being very precise?
  • Do you ever doubt your ability to make progress and question whether all your efforts are truly worth it?

In case you ever thought "Gosh, I wish I knew how to paint like this!" - I'm here to share my years of experience in painting with watercolor and especially in my signature transparent technique.

Spoiler - watercolor could be a very easy, inspiring and comfort medium for any skill level students!

My goal is to help emerging artists to try out new modern ways of painting with watercolor and begin to feel confident, inspired and relaxed with painting gorgeous flowers!

Welcome to the world of easy and relaxing painting!

Would you like to paint with watercolor in easy and relaxing way, having a constant progress?

From being self-critical and afraid of wasting your time to feeling confidence on proud of your results

Following easy step-by-step tutorials in real time you will get used to the technique and train your hand. The key is to immediately bring the theory into practice!

I will guide you through all the steps and explain each and every brushstrokes, so you will understand the logic and will be able to paint your own pictures!

Meet your teacher

Hi! I am Olga Koelsch!

Watercolor artist and a pattern designer based in Bergen, Norway. 

  • I am self-taught artist, started at 2016 with a simple watercolor set. After a regular practice, in 2017, I made a progress in botanical illustration and participated in botanical exhibitions in UK, USA, Japan.
  • In 2018 I started to experiment with with modern watercolor and transparent techniques.
  • I know how to boost painting skills in a short period from my own experience
  • I am a mom of two kids and always looking for time-saving techniques and ideas
  • I am a full-time artist and run shops on Etsy and Creative Market with my illustrations.
  • Robes with my floral designs are wearing actresses from “The Real Housewives of Miami”

I would love to share with you my experience and hang out with you in my studio!

Welcome to the course

How does a progress looks like?

  • Understanding the basics is crucial for achieving quick and consistent results. That's why I always explain the logic behind the process and break down images into simple shapes to enhance comprehension.
  • I place great emphasis on mastering water control and color theory, although we won't waste time endlessly painting charts and color wheels, I promise!
  • The key is to practice on real pictures, training both your hand and your artistic vision.
  • Once you gain more practice and grasp the techniques, you'll find joy in intuitive painting, free-hand painting that comes organically and helps you develop your artistic skills.
  • All classes are recorded on real time and allow you to have everyday short painting practice.
  • Even if you have a 15 minutes a day, you will be able to make a progress

From Idea

to Drawing

and Final Project

"Lovely! Great instruction, and thank you for mixing the colors on camera, I find that very helpful."

-Amanda Wheem

"Thank you so much for your videos. I am learning so much and can't wait to try these techniques."

-Noreen Slaminski

"Thank you again, Olga! Your instructions and videography are excellent! I am able to follow along and paint with good (for me) results. "

- Bernadine

What is included:

  • 10 classes with different transparent flowers
  • Outline drawings for each project you could trace
  • Understanding an easy logic behind the process from drawing to painting
  • Beginner-friendly technique
  • Meditative painting at your own pace
  • Practices to quickly improve your painting skills with watercolor
  • Monthly access to the whole course.

I've been asked

"I am a beginner and scared with this technique. Will your courses fit me?"

My courses are fitting all the levels. There is an introduction to the technique and step-by-step explanations in real time which are easy to follow

"Do I need to buy any special medium or materials?"

You could use your favourite suppliers for the course or follow my list as a guideline. You could start with what you have right now!

"It looks too complicated. I am not creative enough"

You will get references, outline colouring pages and detailed explanation of each and every step. I will show you my tricks how to paint life-like flowers without going into complex details.

"I have just 15 min a day. Can I ever make a progress?"

This technique allows you to stop almost any moment and come back whenever it will be convenient. Painting in small steps allow you to step aside and have a fresh look into your painting